Bikini Waxing for Women and Men

Bikini waxing for women is one of the most popular forms of waxing today. Believe it or not, waxing the bikini area is also starting to catch on with the male crowd. Shaving in the most sensitive area on the body is not an easy task, and many people choose to ignore it altogether. Specifically in Miami, bikini season extends throughout the majority of the year. Without bikini waxing services, wearing any sort of bikini is a no-go.

Since preferences vary, there are total of five local job listings extremely popular waxing services that cover the bikini area. Check out the descriptions below for glimpse at the different options available for the most sensitive of areas.

Playboy bikini waxing Miami

Playboy Bikini Waxing

Playboy bikini wax is the most comprehensive bikini wax style. And when we say comprehensive, we mean comprehensive. The Playboy style bikini wax consists of removing all the hair from the labia and from the front of the bikini area

People choose Playboy bikini waxing when they consistently wear thongs or desire to be completely hairless in front.

Brazilian bikini waxing Miami

Brazilian Bikini Waxing

The Brazilian bikini wax is very similar to the Playboy bikini wax, but the style details that the waxing service leaves a long strip of hair down the front of the pubic area. Hair is removed from the rest of the pubic area and from the labia.

The Brazilian bikini wax is a fairly popular solution for those who are seeking to eliminate unwanted hair but leave a little for a more natural look.

Bikini line waxing Miami

Bikini Line Waxing

Bikini line waxing is exactly what it sounds like. When people go into a wax spa in order to remove unwanted hair around the panty line, they usually select bikini line waxing. Waxing services in Miami often offer reasonable rates for bikini line waxing because of the popularity of the service. For pretty much any type of swimsuit, and even many men’s swimsuits, the bikini line should be waxed before heading to the beach.

Even for those who don’t go to the beach consistently, getting a bikini line wax is a great way to begin experimenting with bikini waxing.

Deep bikini waxing Miami

Deep Bikini Waxing

A deep bikini wax actually just removes hair from the

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outside of the vaginal area. This type of waxing treatment is most popular among women seeking a more natural look will still removing some troublesome hair. A deep bikini wax is an extremely precise service, making it nearly impossible to complete without professional assistance. Higher quality estheticians also used tweezers in order to remove any extra hair that would otherwise remain after waxing.

Buttocks strip waxing Miami

Buttocks Strip

Buttocks strip waxing is exactly as it sounds, and is quite popular amongst both men and women. None of us wants to admit that there is hair down there, but it is an incredibly common issue. Waxing the buttocks at a wax spa is a safe, private, and relaxing way to remove hair down there for months at a time.

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