For people who struggle hiding unwanted facial hair, facial waxing is the solution to the problem. Almost no area of the face (including the chin and neck) is off limits in a professional wax spa. Since men usually have more facial hair, prices for waxing the face jobitel.com are usually a bit higher. Facial waxing provides weeks -even months- of smooth skin without worry about w jobitel.com hether or not that special someone notices hair in places you wish it wasn’t.

Miami facial waxing - lips

Lips Waxing

The upper lip and lower lip is a place that hair grows naturally on many women. Unsightly though it is, there are only a few ways to get rid of it. Waxing the upper and lower lip is a simple process that involves skin temperature wax, a quick pull, and no residue. For precision, many estheticians (waxing professionals) also use tweezers to provide a completely hair free lip.

Miami facial waxing - chin

Chin Waxing

Getting rid of unwanted hair on the chin can be a painful experience. Waxing is one of the only ways to eliminate unwanted chin hair in a matter of seconds. A proper chin waxing will even begin to cause hair to grow back thinner, more slowly, or not at all. Chin waxing is one of the more

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popular facial waxing choices.

Miami facial waxing neck

Neck Waxing

Hair on the lower areas of the neck can grow just as quickly (and often more quickly) than the hair on the top of your head. Removing unwanted neck hair is almost impossible on ones own, specifically on the back of the neck where most neck hair grows. Before scheduling a neck waxing treatment, make sure to have the hair trimmed to about 1/2 to 1/4 inch for best results.

Miami facial waxing sideburns

Sideburns Waxing

Sideburns are hard to get rid of. Many have to shave or tweeze every day to get rid of it. Once it is trimmed to short length, waxing is one of the best ways to rid oneself of the hair there for a long period of time. Depending on growth, sideburn waxing can last two to four weeks. Since t xjobs.org/ he hair in this area is often dense, using professional services is the only way to guarantee complete sideburn removal.

Miami facial waxing temples

Temples Waxing

For people with extra hair on their temples, getting it removed is a priority. Hair on the temple is often thin and wispy, but can grow in rather quickly. Since waxing removes hair from the follicle instead of the surface, hair that grows on the temples actually starts not growing back after the properly scheduled temple waxing procedures.

Miami facial waxing eyebrows

Eyebrows Waxing

Oh, the eyebrows. Easily the most annoying area of the face to keep shaped. Eyebrow waxing eliminates the tedium and long-lasting pain of other methods. Professional estheticians have honed their craft to provide eyebrow waxing services that are pin-point precise, quick, and long lasting. For those who wax their eyebrows consistently, hair can actually be completely eliminated in areas of the brow where hair isn’t wanted.

Miami facial waxing cheeks

Cheeks Waxing

For women, hair on the cheeks usually grows in light, but can quickly become unsightly. For men, waxing the cheeks is a convenient way to begin eliminating the daily hassle of shaving. Sometimes, however, hair is too thick or long to properly wax. Be sure to consult your local wax spa before scheduling an appointment for hair removal from places like the cheeks.

Miami facial waxing nose

Nose Waxing

Although not the most common procedure, nose waxing is the perfect way to obliterate any unwanted hairs that grow on the nose. Since the area is small, quick nose hair removal is a fraction of the price of other areas. Unsightly hair can be removed in a matter of seconds through nose waxing.

Miami facial waxing ears

Ears Waxing

The ears are a sensitive area, but hair grows there for many individuals. Although hair cannot be removed from within the ear through waxing, all external hair can be. If you have unwanted hair on your earlobes, being the ears, or on the edge of your ear, ear waxing is a flexible enough service to get rid of hair in even the most difficult places.

Miami facial waxing forehead

Forehead Waxing

Forehead waxing is actually beneficial for a variety of reasons. Since waxing also removes all dead skin cells in an area, people often choose forehead waxing to exfoliate and remove unwanted hair. Hair on unwanted portions of the forehead is noticeable, but waxing your forehead at places like Wax Spa can completely eliminate the unwanted hair.

Miami facial waxing Jaw

Jaw Waxing

Along the jaw line, unwanted hair often pops up. For men, hair on all areas of the jaw is a constant. Jaw waxing is able to deliver results that cannot be achieved through shaving. After about three sessions properly spaced apart, hair along the jaw line can actually begin not growing back.


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