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Wax Spa is committed

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to the highest quality of service. As a testament to this fact, Citysearch.com has repeatedly recognized WaxSpa as providing the best Brazilian bikini wax and best hair removal services in the Miami area.
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Stubborn, unsightly facial hair is one of the biggest anxieties women often face when trying to improve their appearance. Fortunately, Wax Spa’s experience in

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hair removal and its reputation (and numerous awards) for having the best facial hair removal in the greater Miami area should put you at ease. We guarantee that when you leave our spa, you will feel…and look….better
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About Wax Spa

Wax Spa has been providing clients with the most advanced

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skincare and wax treatments in the Miami area since 2006, and our customer-centered approach continues to garner high praise. Our expert estheticians use only

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the highest quality European wax, and their attention

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Wax Spa, you will feel a warmth and ease that is often lacking in larger spas where clients are just another number.

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